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Grace Upon Grace || 14

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Once a month, I host this little link-up called Grace Upon Grace. It's a place for bloggers to come together to share the evidences of god's grace in our lives while also building community through the sweet fellowship that comes through encouragement here. This month, Leah of My Favorite Adventure is my cohost!

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Grace is evident:

+ Miles has been killing it at work. He went out of town for a few days a few weeks ago for a work training/conference thing and met a few of the big wigs of his company. Basically, they all loved him. Since then he got a sort of promotion and things with his job are just going really great. Praise Jesus!

+ Sweet little Mattheus is definitely as healthy as can be. I think he's growing fast lately. My belly is starting to pop out (bye belly button!) and his kicks are definitely harder and more visible--even painful sometimes! 

+ This last month or so I established a pretty great morning routine that involves me doing no chores before I spend some time in the word. My mornings look like this now: wake, let dogs out, let dogs in, feed dogs breakfast, make myself breakfast, eat food while devouring Scripture, spend time in prayer, make bed, etc. I realized that by the time I finished cleaning for the day, I wanted to nap instead of read, so now I don't touch chores until after and it's been so refreshing for my soul and my days!

+ A new couple showed up at church a few weeks ago and they are expecting a sweet little girl in March. I've made friends with the wife fairly fast and we've actually been meeting up daily to walk and chat. It's been fun getting to know her and because she loves Jesus, she's been a super encouraging person to spend that chunk of my day with. Plus, I think her southern accent is fun, so it's a bonus.

+  Something  h u g e  happened last week. Will announce soon.

Leah Mancl is a recent college graduate, sinner saved by amazing grace, soon-to-be-wife, and blogger at My Favorite Adventure. Her space on the internet is all about life as she knows it - wedding planning, faith, weekend adventures, and transitioning from university life to "real" life. She was born and raised in Wisconsin, and all the stereotypes are true: she bleeds green + gold, cheese is a staple in her diet, and she can withstand temperatures of thirty below zero without missing a beat. She loves in-depth conversations about TV shows, reading books for hours at a time, and discussing zombie apocalypse theories with her fiancé. If you would like to see more from her, find her on TwitterInstagram, and Bloglovin’.