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ANOTHER Big Change

lifeJordyn BrazilComment

Surprise! I'm moving! 

And not in the blog-domain-host-site sort of way, but in the actual, physical, we're-getting-uhaul one! (I sort of hinted at this in my last Grace Upon Grace post)

It's been pretty crazy, to say the least. Miles and I have been praying about leaving Wyoming for quite a while now, but nothing has ever worked out. Then, he got an interview with a company in our hometown and everything changed. One interview turned into three and then the next thing we know, they're flying him out and offering him a position. 

As if that wasn't crazy enough, we found a place to rent right away as well as a midwife and pediatrician (which I still hadn't even looked into here).

So now, I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off because we have exactly one more weekend here before we load up and leave and I have an entire house to pack. Excuse me if I miss a week or two of posting in this process that is happening faster than I can wrap my head around!



What are your best packing tips for less than two weeks to go?

How can a pregnant lady stay sane if she's in her last week of trimester two and moving?