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Noonday Spring Line!

Jordyn BrazilComment

Okay, so... Noonday update: You guys, this company ROCKS. I have absolutely loved being a part of what is happening through them across the globe. Since fall of last year, I have been able to connect with new women and share Noonday's stories of opportunity, redemption, and holy-moly-so-much-growth. Trunk shows are such a blast and I would encourage you to have one for yourself! You provide the snacks and your Ambassador will provide pretty things ;) I've even set up Noonday booths at a few events and it's always such a blast to share this company's mission.

On another note, I don't know how your weather is, but mine is yucky. It's been snowy and muddy and gross and I've been feeling slightly depressed about that; however, Noonday's Spring line has just what I need to cheer up! Everything is bright, and bold and beautiful and I want it all. For real.

Normally, I'm all for dainty and minimal--not too colorful, not too loud--but this jewelry has me excited to rock a neon tunic and bask in the spring sunshine. I might be going too far, but this jewelry just makes me happy. I dare you to go check it out for yourself and tell me it doesn't do the same!

With the launch of the Spring Line, I am selling some of my fall and winter samples for a highly discounted rate. Check them out below and let me know if you are interested in something!

I have design in front. Originally $24 now $12

what's your favorite piece from the new line?