So I realized...

I never even shared any of my maternity photos, newborn photos, or nursery photos! How lame am I? Haha

Mattheus is such a big boy and is getting so busy! I honestly can't believe how quickly he is growing and how much he has changed in these few short months!

Are you down to reminisce together? Here are a few of our maternity photos, shot by the always amazing Jared Emerson Photography

We really just wanted something laid back and easy and fun. We ended up going on a quick walk around the block and then came back to the house, changed into our lounge clothes and hung out while our buddy snapped some photos.

I really love being able to look back on this sweet time of waiting in our lives. I remember feeling so ready to hold Mattheus in my arms (aka -- DONE being pregnant) by the time we took these photos. But I look back at them now and totally miss rubbing that huge baby bump! Haha

Did you take maternity photos? Do you plan to? Why or why not?

Ps. Next week look for our nursery "tour" ;)