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10 Ways You Can Participate in Dressember -- Kinda.

lifeJordyn BrazilComment

I get it; maybe you’re not a dress person, or maybe you’re a dude (Hey! Some guys do it too!), but whatever the reason, you just don't want to commit to a month of dress wearing. No biggie, there are still other ways to join in on the action! Here’s a quick list of ten ways you can participate in this Dressember:

1. Encourage others to join

If you don’t want to wear the dress, encourage your friends to! The more people that are participating in Dressember, the more people will hear about and be able to donate to Dressember. Win-win!

2. Donate

This one is kind of a no brainer, but if you want to participate in Dressember, whether you wear a dress or not, you do so by rallying donations. Give some money and make a difference.

3. Partner with a Dressember-ette or a team of them

Consider “sponsoring” a certain Dressember advocate, or even finding a team to partner with and let them know that you are doing so! Tell people about what they are doing and help them to reach (and exceed!) their monetary goal!

4. Get social media happy

Share away on your social media outlets about the realities of human trafficking and how Dressember works to combat it. Using hashtags like #dressember, #humantrafficking and #youcandoanythinginadress are easy ways to reach a lot of people to connect with either to sponsor or just to encourage! Also an easy way to share with your followers and circles about what Dressember is!

5. Research

Did you know that there are more slaves right now than there ever has been in the history of the world? Educate yourself on the matter of human trafficking. I promise that it will come you to act in some shape or form.

6. Encourage those that are participating

Dressember may sound easy, but after two years of participating, I can promise you that it isn’t. Sounds silly, but sometimes you just want to put on something other than a dress, especially if you live where it is cold in December. Reach out to those that are participating and let them know that you are following their journey and rooting them on. Thank them for being selfless and advocating for the inherent dignity of those who are oppressed. Thank them for being a voice for the voiceless and maybe even help them with their campaigning!

7. Pray

Pray for those trapped in slavery. Pray for IJM & A21. Pray for the Dressember foundation and for the Dressember-ettes. Pray for freedom. Pray for it all. There is more than I can list in one post that needs to be drenched in prayer, but please don’t forget to be praying. It’s probably the most important thing on this list.

8. Buy the Dressember Dress

For you, for your mom, for a friend, to donate… “The Dressember + Elegantees dress was ethically made in Nepal. Since the best way to reduce trafficking in a developing country is by reducing poverty, Elegantees has developed a sewing center in Nepal, where women rescued from trafficking are offered a dignified job at a fair wage. Demand for this dress will potentially create even more jobs for women wanting to work in Elegantees' sewing center.”

9. Spread the word.

Even though Dressember is gaining popularity, it never hurts to tell people about it! There are even a ton of people that have no idea that human trafficking is even a thing. Send out emails. Text your coworker. Take your brother to coffee. Tell that lady at the park. Just talk about it.

10. Consider joining next year.

Dressember is all about stepping up and out of your comfort zone. I hope that next year you will consider dressing up (Get it? I’m hilarious.) and advocating with us. I wasn’t going to participate this year, but I’m so glad that I decided to! What a joyful way to shine a bright light into such a dark place, just by putting on a dress and saying, “Hey. I’m here. I see you and I’m doing something about it.”