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Nursery Inspo Board

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Originally, I had planned for Mattheus' nursery to consist of grey and beige and white. No joke, this kid's room was about to be bland. Well, masculine and modern and minimal, but....not anything like above. Then I read all of this stuff about colors of nurseries and how it totally affects babies (ugh, I know, I'm a psycho) and I decided he needed some orange (creativity and social-goodness!), yellow (positivity, duh!), green (nurturing, promotes learning), and blue (calming).

Then I was super overwhelmed because I felt like those are all colors that aren't really my favorites and how would they ever all survive in one room together? So I Pinterested. Like mad. I scoured the internet for any sort of inspiration, which definitely got my brain pumping, but also left me feeling even more hopeless because what I found was either too cookie cutter, too bland, too dark, or too baby. I wanted to create something that my kid wasn't going to hate by the time he was ten. (Mom, dad, I love you, but the pink and blue sponge-painted walls with teddy bear wallpaper was NOT COOL when I was ten. Or eight)

As a guide, I decided that I still wanted a mostly grey and white room, but with pops of color that were less permanent than paint or big furniture. So to come up with what I ended up with, I created a mood board in photoshop and placed the crib, the chair, and the colors I wanted to incorporate and then I just browsed the internet for items I loved. Obviously, the nursery will consist of more than a crib and a chair, a pouf and a few pillows and lights and artwork, but I am happy to finally have a "style-guide" when shopping. 

Will all of the above items be in the nursery? (Do you think that I'm a millionaire?) No. Babies are expensive enough and so we probably aren't going to spend $500 on a rug. However, I'm excited to find similar elements at thrift shops and via diy's once we actually start shopping for the room! I also just can't wait to get it done and show you all photos! To my family that's visiting, you can head to our registry by clicking the photo over to the right that says Baby-sit, or you can click right HERE.

what do you think of mattheus' nursery board?

what would you consider a nursery essential?

Tips on creating a space that can grow with baby?