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Mom Enough: A Book Review

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Carolyn McCulley // Rachel Jankovic // Rachel Pieh Jones // Christine Hoover 

Gloria Furman // Trillia Newbell // Christina Fox

Hi there. It's just me, anxiety-ridden-pregnant-Jordyn. You guys, I really definitely couldn't be happier to be having a baby, but the thought of being MOM freaks. me. out. So much responsibility. What if I'm not a good mom? What if my kids hate me? What if my kids hate Jesus? I'm so afraid at failing that sometimes, I let it overwhelm and eat me up. 

My husband knows this. He comforts me. He reminds me of Truth...and he buys me books (which is probably him hinting at me to get him some new books since I'm not much of a reader).

Anyways, Miles got me this book, Mom Enough, around Christmas time, and although I didn't start it until a week or two later, I gobbled up each page. Mom Enough is actually a compilation of blog posts from the Desiring God Website which makes it a quick, yet powerful, read.

"The aim of Mom Enough is not to boost a mother's self-sufficency, but to build her fearlessness as she finds sufficiency outside of herself (1 Peter 3:1-6)."

Bullseye. This book boasts the question, "Are you mom enough?" and answers it simply with a 'no'. Each chapter reminds mothers that no matter what, they are not and can not be enough, but that they are serving a God who always has been and will always continue to be so. It pushes you to ask yourself, are you really trusting God and His sovereignty or are you relying on your own might and drive?

Mom Enough seemed to cover it all: from the way that "mommy wars" are really not of flesh and blood, to toddler tantrums and heart-idols, even abortion, and everything in-between. However, I most loved that each author's chapter was dripping with the reminder of grace. Not at any moment did I feel overwhelmed that I am going to fail as a mother, and that I'll probably never have it altogether, but instead I felt empowered by the important reminder that Jesus' gospel is founded on love and grace.

A few of my favorite quotes from Mom Enough:

"God always has been, and always will be, God enough. The Battle is over, whether or not I believe it, and whether or not I delight in God's enough-ness" -Rachel Pieh Jones (ch.5)
"Stop clinging to yourself and cling to the cross. There is more joy and more life and more laughter on the other side of death than you can possibly carry alone." -Rachel Jankovic (ch. 01)
"The armor of God comes in maternity sizes." -Gloria Furman (ch.10)
"God is not in the business of making my life comfortable and free of stress. He has something greater planned for me: my holiness." -Christina Fox (ch.19)
"We walk confidently, not in our ability, but in the ability of our Savior. We walk confidently, not in our strength, but in His. It is good to be a jar of clay." -Trillia Newbell (ch. 17)

Overall, I think that whether you are expecting, not expecting, have had two kids for two years, or ten kids for forty years, this book is for you. Every woman needs to be reminded that even though we fall short, our God is always more than enough.

This book is available as a free download here or in paperback form here.