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24 by 24

Jordyn Brazil1 Comment

Considering I turned 23 back in November, this post is actually a few months overdue. I did share a little sneak peek of my list on my instagram stories, but with no explanation and I don't think you could really even see what was on it or possibly even what it was. Anyways, I don't remember the details of that and it probably doesn't even really matter.

I'm also really unoriginal because this whole thing wasn't even my idea in the first place. I was inspired by Emily, who writes a blog as well. A few months ago she shared her 40 by 40 list and the goal-setter in me couldn't wait to make a list of my own! 


So, in all its glory and in no particular order of importance:

  1. Become a licensed real estate agent
  2. Visit the Ocean
  3. Get motorcycle license
  4. Read through my new bible
  5. Start counting my macros again
  6. Memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism
  7. Memorize the Nicene Creed
  8. Get a bike / go for family bike rides
  9. Finish Mattheus' baby book (oops)
  10. Send flowers to 3 people
  11. Teach Mattheus all of his letters and their sounds
  12. Refinish the piano
  13. Have a garage sale
  14. Learn double unders
  15. Get a handstand down
  16. Get comfy with my squat cleans and jerks
  17. Clean out my closet
  18. Give up soda
  19. Plan + celebrate fifth anniversary well
  20. Heal diastis recti
  21. Makeover laundry room
  22. Start SWF back up
  23. Go camping
  24. Make it a habit to wake up early


I'm excited to start this little birthday tradition and looking at my list makes me excited for the year ahead -- I can't believe I've never done anything like this before! What about you? Does this idea speak to the goal-setter in you?

Social Media Siesta

Jordyn BrazilComment

The perfect mom. Picture her. You know, the mom with the happy kids, clad in insta-shop apparel, whose makeup (and eyebrows) are done. Her hair is washed and she's standing in her incredible kitchen, which, by the way, is also incredibly clean too, and it's got those pretty, marble countertops? Somewhere in that photo is a big ol' fiddle leaf fig tree that's totally alive and healthy. She seems to be doing it all. She's eating well and making it to the gym and she's got those one shoes and that hat and she wears her baby in that sling. That mom. Either she's hired a photog or her husband is just an instagram husband and he always gets the shot of her mid laugh -- I don't know. But you know her. You follow like three [or thirty] of them.

And then theres you -- or, well, theres me. I haven't had my eyebrows done since I got married (five years ago). I wash my hair on Saturday and water manages to touch my body on other days too if I raise my arm and turn around at the same time and I realize I'm starting to smell. The house that we rent has popcorn ceilings and a dark kitchen. I have some houseplants, but the instagram-worthy ones I seem to kill in like, a week. We usually swing through a fast food joint for dinner because even after a year with twins I still haven't figured out how to get dinner going by five most nights. I don't have the shoes or that hat and I have the wrong baby wearing apparatus and my husband, although pretty pro at social media, thinks I look lovely in every photo he takes and so no, he didn't get the mid-laugh shot.

And so clearly, I'm not doing it right. I'm not a good mom or wife worthy of praise because my life doesn't reflect the golden instagram standard. I become a slave to this image of what a mother should look like and do according to instagram instead of being a slave to Christ, whose burden is light, looking to the Bible for Truth, and seeking the Holy Spirit for wisdom and direction. 

And that’s when you know you need to step away from whatever it is that is stealing you from joy and keeping you from thriving. 


So, I stepped away from Instagram and from Facebook. While I do miss my online friends, I have been taking time to dwell on “ whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable”. I have been taking time to be still before the King of Kings. I have been taking time to get on the floor with my three tiny humans and drink in their amazing qualities. I have been taking time to be my husband’s best friend and biggest support system. I have been taking time to rest — to thrive in my gifts and callings and to have my joy restored.

And quite frankly, sweet mama, I would encourage you to do the exact same thing.