(Curating list)

  1. Hang my dream gallery wall. 
  2. Start Bub’s baby book. 
  3. Reduce waste by switching to cloth everything.
  4. Have a successful veggie & herb garden (+ composter!) 
  5. Create a 101 in 1001 list. 
  6. Memorize the Westminster Shorter Catechism with Bub and Hub.
  7. Travel somewhere tropical and beachy and get tan!
  8. Read my Bible once a year for ten years. So technically, read it 2.75 times. (0/2.75)
  9. Have a succulent garden.
  10. Shadow a barber for a day.
  11. Go on a road trip along the west coast
  12. Move again.
  13. Make my family dinner every night for a month. (0/31)
  14. Try skiing.
  15. Finish my half sleeve.
  16. Get a tattoo on my leg.
  17. Finish the Home Edition workout plan.
  18. Create a healthy habit of counting macros by doing it two weeks straight. (0/14)
  19. Go to the Balloon races with my family.
  20. Hit 100 followers on Bloglovin’ 
  21. Hit 2000 followers on Instagram
  22. Memorize 104 verses of Scripture. (0/104)
  23. Get my second nose piercing redone.
  24. Send flowers to three people. (0/3)
  25. Have another child via home birth.
  26. Do a wine tasting
  27. Tour a brewery with the husband.
  28. Take a vaycay with my best girl friends.
  29. Take my kids to a farm where they can pet the animals.
  30. Create a master bedroom that we love.
  31. Commit back to social media free weekends
  32. Ride 50 miles on the bike with Miles.
  33. Have a garage sale.
  34. Get a bobike for bub.
  35. Print all of my insta photos.
  36. Make baked goods for the neighbors.
  37. Do a sugar detox
  38. Learn to do a headstand 
  39. Do yoga 3x a week for a month straight
  40. Complete a capture 365 project with my camera
  41. Go to a concert with my husband
  42. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  43. Visit Zion National Park
  44. See the Grand Canyon
  45. Improve my posture
  46. Make bread from scratch
  47. Re-Open my Etsy shop, Steel & Twine
  48. Make my blog a business
  49. Visit Lake Louise in Canada
  50. Celebrate Mattheus’ first birthday!
  51. Take the dogs on a walk 3x a week for a month.
  52. Decorate with air plants
  53. Give Miles a quality massage.
  54. Convert our medicine cabinet with essential oils
  55. Clean out the fridge, pantry, and freezer before grocery shopping
  56. Create 30 freezer meals to save. (0/30)
  57. Sleep under the stars
  58. Redo the back patio to create a space we love.
  59. Go camping with a group of friends
  60. Get a SUP board — and use it.
  61. Make a list of 100 things that make me smile.
  62. Create a prayer board for the family.
  63. Finish 10 Pinterest projects! (0/10)
  64. Create a terrarium.
  65. Offer downloadables on the blog.
  66. Learn to sew + fix Miles’ pants!
  67. Take a yoga class at Tahoe / on a beach
  68. Drink 128oz of water a day for 21 days
  69. Get the dogs professionally groomed.
  70. Do a Bible study with Miles
  71. Read the entire Jesus Storybook Bible to Mattheus
  72. Take Mattheus to the Discovery Museum
  73. Teach Mattheus to walk.
  74. Sell my laptop + get a desktop computer
  75. Start a prayer journal
  76. Have a daily quiet time after putting Mattheus down for a month.
  77. Join a women’s Bible study.
  78. Create a Spring capsule Wardrobe.
  79. Create a Summer capsule Wardrobe.
  80. Create a Fall capsule Wardrobe.
  81. Create a Winter capsule Wardrobe.
  82. Add a houseplant to every room of the house (0/6)
  83. Create a dinner idea jar
  84. Create a "food passport" of restaurants in town
  85. Organize email + unsubscribe from junk
  86. Make homemade baby food for Mattheus.
  87. Print yearly photo books
  88. Finish Christmas shopping before December.
  89. Do a Proverbs 31 study.
  90. Do a Romans study.
  91. Create a monthly newsletter for SWF
  92. Create a children's book with my husband (he writes, I illustrate)
  93. Visit Apple Hill & do whatever it is that people do there.
  94. Learn a basic navigation of the Greek
  95. Teach Mattheus (and myself) baby sign language
  96. Build a home gym
  97. Brew a batch of beer with Miles
  98. Make some beef jerky with Miles
  99. Get my hair professionally done (instead of diy'in it).
  100. Incorporate scripture through art in every room of my home
  101. Get a ccw.